Being the best dressed wedding couple

The couple and their looks increasingly occupy space in bridal fashion blogs. That the bride is the star of the day was over. This time we talk about the different options in footwear for them on this special day where every detail is analyzed. Shoes complement the suit and your choice should take into account the comfort but, at the same level, the protagonist’s own style. Do not let the random choice.


 (Imagen: Pinterest)


 (Imagen: Pinterest)

Why do people only dress in black?

The tradition makes us visualize a boyfriend with black shoes and plain, but this option can change depending on location, time of ceremony and personality of contracting. The color palette expands and leads to shoes bicolor, shadows or worn effect or combinations of colors and textiles previously unthinkable.

As for models, there are many options as boyfriends approach the altar. Andrés Sendra focus in an always successful classic Oxford shoes, the laces shoes, this english with buckles or with exclusive models: customizing your shoes in this day allows you to wear a unique model created 100% by you. We offer a blank canvas and you choose the rest.

¿Socks? Yes, thank you!

The options multiply allowing daring and very personal combinations as the prints and vivid colors. But do not forget the socks should always go to match the color of the shoes if you want to be elegant and make fashion.



And if you want a perfect look, be sure to choose a belt that combines perfectly with the chosen style. Wide, narrow, big buckle, with appliques. There are many choices, and even here you can design your own belt to your taste: more personal and unique impossible.

Dare to be different, to be ‘you’ also the day of your wedding. And congratulations.


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