Best menswear blogs you should not lose sight of

With Instagram, Pinterest, specialized blogs and other social networks, keep up ‘of the latest of the latest’ in menswear is really easy. The secret is knowing how to distinguish amateurs fashion-bloggers of those who actually set trends in the digital sphere. You will recognise them by his followers and exquisite pictures.

Mario Monforte, Art Photography & Fashion Blogger


From contemporary artist to a benchmark of the men’s fashion as trendsetter and content creator. He gambled and won with a new way of understanding fashion on the web, with simple articles and pictures with personal style and creativity that is part of the list of the 200 most important and influential trendsetters in the world.


Rayas y cuadros


Javier Ollero is the alma mater of ‘Rayas y Cuadros’, a blog in which we discover the different tendencies always with a very casual and relaxed style. Besides, this site offer a plentiful supply of advices about LifeStyle and StreetStyle, from temples of gastronomy, decoration, looks, etc.


The Sartorialist, the first of street style gurus

We crossed the pond to meet with Scott Schumann, a whole celebrity whose blog shows the diversity of trends, styles and free style we can find wandering around the world. Starting in the streets (which never abandons) he has become part of projects of international firms.


Scott Blake, ‘The Scott effect’



Blake Scott is a mens’ fashion and Los Angeles lifestyle blogger main influencer in the West Coast. Authentic and genuine as few, he has carved a niche in this world becoming real gentleman inspiring to the world. Here, you can read an exclusive interview for Andrés Sendra.




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