Bow Tie or Tie: Time leads or you lead

Be or not to be? Is it the egg or the chicken? Tie or Bow Tie? On that dilemma we are found at time opting for clothing accessories to our outfit. Because if a few years ago this approach only happens to mind on “few trendily people”,Bow Tie was moving up until transforms itself  for many people in Arrival of Hipster Movement through first choice when it comes to color and style to a suit or a similar outfit.

Whether if you are someone who leave clothing ready the night before or who hold up the wardrobe during you take a shower, eat breakfast, get the car, depending the day or the occasion you will pick one of the possibilities. Followers and detractors have both.

Bow Tie

Although many people think that is “de modé”bow tie is living a golden age (well, or color that you prefer) shutting mouths up of those who claim that the tie is more elegant.

It is true that long ago, the bow was a symbol of class distinction but now returns as ‘the new tie’. It is perfect for giving life to a neutral, dull or drab any outfit. Combine it with casual clothes. When deciding on one, go for the most striking colors, highlights, mixing textures, etc. Color bow ties and a chic point  are successful in urban looks and informal occasions. You can choose any model lining form the casual  Andrés Sendra Shoes but if you let us, we focus on the contrast of the models John Victoria Suede y Benny Country 196

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Black and white Bow Ties  –and always according to the protocol- you must always book them for using in a Tailcoat or Tuxedo. Accessorize your outfit with a Boss Black&White


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Gentlemen, for many people, Tie is an old clothing accessory out of context. Despite that wants to leave on the bench this season, more and more we find different versions: narrow-body, large pallets, maxi-ties …Risky prints, “total looks” confusing shirt with tie (and vice versa), absolute contrasts.

Whatever the choice, the tie can save any style, but should enforce a rule: the lapel and the width of the tie should be the same:

– Skinny ties: they are now trend. Suitable for men of slim build, using slim cut suits.

– Socks ties: the most common ties. Perfect for any type of complexion and very successful as a complement to a classic outfit.

– Structural tie: the less popular. Betting on them only if you are large build, with straight dresses and wide lapels.
Choose one, the other or both, bear in mind that with them add a touch of color and style to your look. It reflects your personality and show it off proud and head held high (especially to make it look better)




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