How to care men’s shoes?

The elegance in menswear is knowing to dress and to choose the combinations and the right style for every occasion. But the elegance also involves care for shoes and other men’s accessories.

Sometimes we buy the latest trend models but do not know care for them. So let’s give some basic keys for the men’s shoes look perfect. Bear in mind that each type of footwear requires some care, but an advice that fits all alike is that when staining, you clean them as soon as possible so that the groove does not permeate into the shoe and it takes harder to put off.

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Bow Tie or Tie: Time leads or you lead

Be or not to be? Is it the egg or the chicken? Tie or Bow Tie? On that dilemma we are found at time opting for clothing accessories to our outfit. Because if a few years ago this approach only happens to mind on “few trendily people”,Bow Tie was moving up until transforms itself  for many people in Arrival of Hipster Movement through first choice when it comes to color and style to a suit or a similar outfit. Continue reading


AS: Quique Dacosta, one of the most known Chefs on the spanish culinary scene, of course, but also on Europe ( Best European restaurant 2013 for “Opinionated About Dining” List by Steven Plotnicki. What is what cooking has that it’s a passion more than a profession?

It’s passion behind  profession. I can’t dogmatize with my own experience, but I’m here for two reasons. First one because of necessity, or that was what I supposed, And the second one and most probably was the first one, I’m in cooking because It has chosen me. Continue reading

Apps sneak into your wardrobe

But If there is any place! How organized you had everything and now you came up saying  we should leave free place because new technology  wants  to be The new Queen in your closet.

Keep calm, I’m not coming to take up much space, but if you are geek (accepted or not) and follow new trends as a mantra, you must come up to the tech-wave which comes  into  our way of  Fashion understanding.

We are not talking about cybernetic-futuristic clothing (are we?) but step by step  “Tech” is conquering Men’s fashion land. Now we talk to you about “Apps” what sneak into your wardrobe.

Apps ‘just for men’

The Appsworld in the menswear is getting wider: Apps what helping the user  to match outfit, choosing accessories, deciding for a hairstyle, Tying the Tie…The mood, the places where they will be or have social commitment that mark the style of each. This Applications are for help.

– Cool Guy: take pictures of the pieces in your closet, you upload them to the platform and combine including creating outfits for every occasion. You can save, put on the calendar, etc. If for ‘Black & White’ party this summer you have a shoes Andrés Sendra ‘Boss Black&White’  mark it in your app and you’ll know what time they were part of your look. that easy! It also lets you see clothes of  important brands to give ideas and offers access of their online offers.

– Male Fashion: Perfect if you love fashion and want to receive proposals from some of the most important designers. If you’re a fan of parades, this app allows you to go online to the most important New York, Paris, etc.

– Stylish man: Arrange the pieces of your wardrobe by type, color, season … through photographs and combines the different options or share them on social networks. In ANDRÉS SENDRA we also want to share in our social networks Instagram, Facebook , Twitter y Pinterest.

– Tie knots: If you are someone who uses the suit daily or you are a romantic of  this add,  in this app will teach ways to tie your tie knots with the more traditional and more original. The show, step by step.

Writing this article we got curiosity writing about gadgets and add-ons that have given firms, designers and prestigious brands. We noted for a future post.


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How to take care of your shoes

Te enseñamos cómo usar la crema y el cepillo Saphir para cuidar de tus zapatos de piel


Until the 29th of May, every purchase you make at Andrés Sendra online shop comes with a present. We want your leather shoes to always look like the very first day. That’s why we are giving you for free an exclusive Saphir Medaille d’Or shoe care kit consistent of a cream and a brush. For your information, Saphir Médaille d’Or is considered the number one brand in shoe care.

But how these Saphir Médaille d’Or products have to be used? What is the best way to care for leather shoes? From now on we are going to give you some tips about the best way to use your Saphir Médaille d’Or shoe care kit. No matter which pair of Andrés Sendra shoes you have, if you follow these tips they will keep looking flawless. Trust us.

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How to tie your Oxford shoes


Today we are going to teach you how to lace up your Oxfords the proper way. Sounds simple, right? As basic as it sounds, it is really really important.

Most of us will buy a pair of Oxfords and will find them laced in  the so technically called the gentleman’s format. It looks great but it is not functional. When you pull on the strings it does not actually take on the shoe. So… Let’s unlace and start from the beginning, ok?

  • Take the two ends and start from the top. String the lace though the first two eyelets on the top
  • Put the two ends together and pull the string through
  • From there, we are going to start a back-and-forward motion, with the right end though the left eyelet and the other way around
  • Finish lacing to the end and pull the strings

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07How to take care of your shoes

Conditioning your leather shoes will help soften and moisturize the leather, and protect it from drying out and cracking.

Certain types of leather, and shoes worn in dryer climates might need to be conditioned more often. 

Some shoe cleaning products will clean and condition your shoes, but if you want your shoes to get the full treatment, or use a product specifically for cleaning, the next step is to condition your smooth leather shoes. 

Of course, you’ll want a conditioner made for the specific type of shoe you’re working on.

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