Dress shoes or sport shoes: that is the question

Are you one of those who believe that a man’s wardrobe is basic, simple and easy to combine? In fact, a gentleman who knows and wants to dress well has a universe of possibilities to choose different looks.

And although men’s fashion lacks instruction book, footwear plays a leading role in completing an outfit, to give it personality. Therefore, we are going to propose to you guidelines to wear dress shoes or casual shoes according to the occasion. Continue reading

Key accessories for men’s suit jacket

Generally spring and summer are accompanied by special events such as weddings, communions, business dinners and any other kind of events. In many of these cases the dress code brand wear the typical suit jacket for men, a basic garment in men’s fashion, and can be monotone and unoriginal many times.

For this reason, it is really important that you choose the accessory that best suits your style. With them you will give a touch of personality that makes you different from the rest of the attendees. And what are the key accessories this season? Note down! Continue reading

The essential footwear for Lindy Hop, the dance of the moment

At step rate of 8 times, Lindy Hop has become one of the most successful dance recent years. Its origin goes back to the ‘roaring 20s’, when a group of dancers from New York went around to the known ‘swing’ seeking new ways to move off , enjoy and filled with good energy. From that moment, the Lindy Hop consolidated as a reference dance and it has been the last years when it has become a trend: currently more than 50,000 ‘lindy hoppers’ are counted worldwide. Continue reading