The essential footwear for Lindy Hop, the dance of the moment

At step rate of 8 times, Lindy Hop has become one of the most successful dance recent years. Its origin goes back to the ‘roaring 20s’, when a group of dancers from New York went around to the known ‘swing’ seeking new ways to move off , enjoy and filled with good energy. From that moment, the Lindy Hop consolidated as a reference dance and it has been the last years when it has become a trend: currently more than 50,000 ‘lindy hoppers’ are counted worldwide. Continue reading

How to combine Oxford shoes

The shoes Oxford is one of these men fashion trends who have come to stay. They are original, bring personality and   denote good style who wear them, but are not always easy to combine.

Men’s shoe catalogs are with plenty of proposals ranging from classic to most classics with leather or to actual ideas in suede or various tones. Each is set to a different time and style and is something to keep in mind to combine Oxford shoes. Continue reading

How to care men’s shoes?

The elegance in menswear is knowing to dress and to choose the combinations and the right style for every occasion. But the elegance also involves care for shoes and other men’s accessories.

Sometimes we buy the latest trend models but do not know care for them. So let’s give some basic keys for the men’s shoes look perfect. Bear in mind that each type of footwear requires some care, but an advice that fits all alike is that when staining, you clean them as soon as possible so that the groove does not permeate into the shoe and it takes harder to put off.

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AS: In love of men’s fashion understood as an art form, Sunflowerman dedicates their day to day to gentlemen’s fashion illustration in different areas. And of course, we did not want to miss the chance to be in his shoes. Why ‘Sunflowerman’?

I had a dream one night. Everything in the world was in decay. Governments were falling apart, gun violence was on the rise, rights were being stripped from citizens, there was crying in the streets. I looked up to the sky and falling all around me were round objects. They seemed foreign, at first glance I thought of flying saucers but at closer inspection I knew them as the head of Sunflowers. As they landed on the ground they grew stalks and reached toward the sky. In the midst of the field of sunflowers I was safe and all was good in the world.

AS: male fashion illustrator for magazines, stores, brands and personalities is its leitmotif. Where does your passion born about men’s fashion?

It began as a bit of a mistake. I didn’t grow up in love with clothing or fashion. I was lacking even a remote awareness of an existence of fashion culture. Somewhere between painting and traveling I began painting my friends wearing suits and ties and from there it was off to the races. My time was immediately consumed with learning about menswear, painting menswear, becoming one with the movements of cloth on the body.

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Being the best dressed wedding couple

The couple and their looks increasingly occupy space in bridal fashion blogs. That the bride is the star of the day was over. This time we talk about the different options in footwear for them on this special day where every detail is analyzed. Shoes complement the suit and your choice should take into account the comfort but, at the same level, the protagonist’s own style. Do not let the random choice. Continue reading

Check out the latest Instagram menswear

The social network Instagram is a perfect social media to discover and follow the latest trends regarding men’s fashion. Photos, models and must-it at the time: everything is collected in Instagram we will give to you the keys to know what’s happening in menswear and which are the instagramers authentic influencers in this field. Andrés Sendra because we like to keep up to date and we want you too are. Continue reading