Classic films seen by shoes

There are many male protagonists of classic films that have gone down in history for his incredible adventures, fascinating personality or have lived the most passionate love stories. Today we remember them, but from a different perspective: we review the best male roles of classic cinema and their shoes.

Cinema fashion comes under the microscope. Nothing is causality. Therefore, clothing worn by the protagonists of our classics helps to shape his personality and role in the films. Shoes, as key elements of men’s fashion, would not be less.

 Three classic films and its shoes


The Godfather

Who does not remember the superb elegance of Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather?

Padrino 1


Padrino 2

His appearance was perfect, despite representing one of the capos of the Sicilian Mafia who lived in United States during the 40s and 50s. Both Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro, actors who gave him life in the saga, wore shoes according to their unblemished image: classic, shiny, black leather shoes with laces. Shoes that could have been the Andrés Sendra’s model 11780 Evans Antic Black, or the 12148 Cooper Patent Black giving it a more modern touch.





Singin’ in the Rain


Gene Kelly did not mind too much his shoes get wet. He wore bordeaux shoes. Classic, but very suitable for dancing and with a small heel in the back that allowed him to take such steps in the rain we all remember. A very similar style to our bordeaux Oxford Collin 11780 Bordeaux.



Indiana Jones


The men’s fashion is not present exclusively in the cinema set in big cities. In 1981 came to the screens over half the world Dr. Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones who was “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Since then, we have seen various adventures in which has been immersed the legendary actor who plays Dr. Henry, Harrison Ford, and which always appears with its mythical worn brown boots. There is already talk – and a lot – of the 5th film of this saga. What if Steven Spielberg, director of all the previous films, puts an 11766 Benny Country 196 on the protagonist?



Undoubtedly, these characters’ shoes helped them become part of history of cinema. Because, what would be the superhero Indiana Jones without his boots? Or the legendary dance in the rain Don Lockwood without its flashy and ‘resounding’ bordeaux shoes? Actors who have reached the pantheon of cinema shoeing successful shoes.



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