07How to take care of your shoes

Conditioning your leather shoes will help soften and moisturize the leather, and protect it from drying out and cracking.

Certain types of leather, and shoes worn in dryer climates might need to be conditioned more often. 

Some shoe cleaning products will clean and condition your shoes, but if you want your shoes to get the full treatment, or use a product specifically for cleaning, the next step is to condition your smooth leather shoes. 

Of course, you’ll want a conditioner made for the specific type of shoe you’re working on.

Also, look for a natural conditioner that is absorbed into the material of the shoe, as opposed to a synthetic conditioner that sits on top of the surface. 

Rub small amounts of conditioner into the shoe, until the entire shoe has been covered with conditioner.

After a couple of minutes, wipe any remaining conditioner off of the shoes, as the leather will only absorb what it can.


Suede shoes are in a category of their own, since you cannot polish away any scuff marks.

Use a suede eraser (basically a brick of crumbly rubber) to rub away small blemishes.

Then use a suede brush to restore the nap, or fuzz, of the leather.

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