Cuff-links, scarves in lapels and footwear

‘In small details is “… the difference, elegance, personality. Say whatever you want but do not lose sight of those accessories that complete even the most sophisticated look.

Cuff-links is the supplement that does not go out of fashion

Although its history is destined to shine on special occasions, cuff-links are an accessory that has never disappeared from a man jewellery box. They find their ideal place with dress coat, tuxedo or morning coat and French-cuffed or double cuffed shirts .


 (Picture: Roberto Torretta)


(Imagen: GQ)

There are cuff-links for every taste: round, square, and with fun ways that have become a must.



Scarves in lapels

On occasion we have heard from the mouths of fashion gurus that the handkerchief is the maximum complement of elegance and sophistication. Although we dare not be so categorical, what is certain is that a handkerchief in his lapel is a sign of distinction.

Plain or printed, the tissue should be in sync with the rest of accessories, especially tie or bow tie.

In this SOLOiO’s article they show in a very visual way how to fold a pocket handkerchief according to the occasion and taste of each.

how to fold a pocket handkerchief

(Picture: SoloiO)


Remember that not always the handkerchief must be perfect, at least if you are looking for a casual look.

Shoes: the master touch

As we have seen, although cuff-links and pocket handkerchief are usually used in more formal looks, you can also wear them in more casual outfits. And in both cases you will find the perfect shoes in Andrés Sendra’s collection:

For more formal looks, models of the Oxford collection are a classic that never goes out of fashion and with the ones you will hit the target like the 11769 Collin Jamaica or the 12148 Cooper Patent Black.




For more informal occasions, the Derby line is perfect. The 12138 Cooper Sea Suede in a blue in the fashion or 12213 Collin Grey will complete your look from head to toe.









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