Design your own shoes with Andrés Sendra

Exclusivity and a unique, authentic style is an absolute must in the world of fashion. That moment you find just the right thing to perfectly match whatever it is you’re looking for is magical. At Andrés Sendra, we want you to feel like each pair of shoes is unique, which is why we are offering you the option of designing your very own shoes with our Custom Shoes service.

Andrés Sendra gives you the chance to create your own pair of tailor-made shoes by allowing you to choose any combination you have in mind.

In Boxcalf leather and featuring different kinds of lasts according to whichever model is chosen (Collin, Jean, Mack, Boss, Evans, etc.), you can pick out the shoe color from a wide gamut, as well as the color of the sole, the color of the inner lining, the color of the laces, and even the kind of extra laces that best suits your style of footwear.

What’s more, you can give it that finishing touch with our option of a personalized signature: come up with any message or date you wish to remember forever, and we’ll print onto the sole and insole of your shoes in your choice of three different styles of calligraphy.

The delivery time is approximately 60 days since each shoe is tailor-made, as always in Spain at the hands of our master artisans, who have been passing down shoe-making secrets from one generation to the next for over 100 years.


With Custom Shoes by Andrés Sendra, your shoe is a blank canvas: just pick out whichever combination you like and we will manufacture it for you. Personalise your own Andres Sendra shoes and make yourself feel like part of the creative process by coming up with some unique shoes yourself.

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