Fall fashion is coming

Fall is right around the bend and though it seemed so far off as we were enjoying the long, warm summer, in just a few days the most melancholy season of the year will be back. And if there’s one thing we like about autumn, it’s the chance to take our warm clothing back out of the closet and get some new ones to match.

This fall is bringing loads of new and very special trends. The first, a return to the most traditional elements of the men’s suit: double-breasted jackets, glen plaid and straight-leg pants.

Of course, the classic image comes undone with this year’s colours (blue, burnt orange or gray), the absence of a classic shirt or with matched with trousers with sports stripes. A look that matches perfectly with our most classic Oxfords, like the Collin Antic Dark Green , which lends it touch of sophistication.


Calvin Klein also is also going with a very western-style outfit featuring shirts, denim pants and cowboy boots.

Another concept coming this fall will be mixed-gender collections, in which men and women share looks (the same jackets, coats, shirts …) To adapt our look to the mixed collections, we suggest our Brenda Silk Niger, perfectly adaptable unisex shoes for both genders.

Pleated trousers are coming back strong, as are ties. Now that we’ve gotten used to invasion of the bow ties, we are going to have to (re)learn to tie a tie again. Are you up for it?

If there is one thing that will rule over all the other trends this fall, it is going to be loose-fitting clothes. Like it just got pulled out of our wardrobe from the 1990s. Jackets, pants, coats … Nothing tight-fitting… Oversized is back!

Get your wardrobes ready, because the fall season starts up again in 3,2,1…

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