Fashion icons setting trends around the world

Some men are trendsetters everywhere they go. Influencers, actors and models are the people that thousands of men around the world look to for style.

At Andrés Sendra, we love the look of actor Michael Fassbender. An actor-cum-fashion icon, Fassbender never misses the mark. His style is elegant, masculine through and through, always serious and understated. And his suits look like they’re made exclusively for him.

Another leading man to become a major figure in the fashion world is Ryan Gosling. We like his suits, his casual and carefree style, and the risky air he takes on when dressing. The printed sweaters he wore promoting his latest film ‘Blade Runner’ got a lot of talk.

(Photo by Fotonoticias/WireImage)

And if it’s actors we’re talking about, we cast our vote for the Chilean actor Pedro Pascal, known for his role in Narcos and the new image for Loewe perfume. Everyone is imitating his 1970s-look and mustache (a must-have in 2017).

In addition to actors, there are lots of male models who are veritable style icons. In Spain, one with the most appeal is Sergio Carvajal (838K followers on Instagram). He started his modeling career at the young age of 18 and is now also working online giving opinions on trends. It has a youthful and very carefree style.

And on an international level, we’d point out the style of @blakescott_ We like his classic look, but with an authentic 1950s touch. He is one of the most influential men’s fashion bloggers in the US.

Not all of them are here, but at Andrés Sendra, we know that these are some of the men setting trends around the world.

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