Five goodyear fabric characteristics

Andrés Sendra is synonymous with quality and good work, as well as handcrafted products. That’s why our shoes are made with Goodyear sewing. It is a technique that Charles Goodyear invented in 1872 and that revolutionised the footwear sector. It is a handmade and expensive method and only the best manufacturers use it.

Our firm knows this technique well since our founder, Andrés Sendra, used it in 1913 when he began to make footwear in his small factory in Almansa. The sturdy boots and dress shoes he made with this method soon gave him a great prestige.



Goodyear sewing provides characteristics to the shoes that no other technique can:

  • Durability: On the one hand, Goodyear sewing consists of a double sewing, an inner sewing secures the upper skin of the insole and the panel, while on the other hand, an outer sewing attaches the panel to the sole.
  • Flexibility: Between the outer sole and the plant or inner sole is left a space filled with the shank and agglomerated cork. This is why shoes made with this method have great flexibility.
  • Comfort: Given its manufacturing process and the care and attention with which it is done, we are speaking about shoes that provide an extra comfort and convenience.
  • Isolation: This method allows thermal insulation of both cold and heat or humidity.
  • Longevity: The Goodyear method allows repair and replacement of soles, a service offered by the major brands. This is why those shoes will last a long time.


The result is a shoe that becomes a unique and exclusive piece. Your shoes Andrés Sendra, made with the Goodyear method, will be a real jewel that you will treasure.


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