Follow these Instagram accounts to keep up on the latest

Everyone (or nearly everyone) has adapted our lives to the new parameters imposed on us by the digital world and social networks. And fashion has not lagged behind. On the contrary, it has managed to fit in perfectly and adapt to these new formats. It is not just top name firms that are taking the lead nowadays, but also well-known influences raised the bar on social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.

Here are 3 Instagram accounts to follow so you don’t miss out on what is going on in the world, even before they start to become trendy.

Usaamah Siddique is the founder of the men’s clothing and made-to-measure blog The Dapper Label. Ever passionate about fashion, design and photography, he shows off his unique interpretation, imagination and creative inspiration of the elegant world of fashion in every shot. Magazines like GQ and Buzzfeed consider him one of the best bloggers for menswear.

Jandel Camilo’s stylized and impeccable figure have made him one of the most widely-followed influencers on several social networks. Be it bold, elegant, brand name or casual wear, he tailors each style to the occasion, inspiring many who love fashion.

One of our men’s fashion bloggers and a major influence on the West Coast, according the finest fashion publications in the United States. Genuine and original, his tips are taken as the gold standard and on his website The Scott Effect, you can also find lifestyle and travel tips.

And, of course, don’t forget to follow our Instagram account @andres_sendra_shoemaker. We love shoes. We love fashion.

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