Footwear trends for men during this spring-summer 2017

It’s springtime. We look forward to good weather and wearing clothes that remind us that summer is just around the corner. Spring shoes are the first sign that we leave behind the cold months and we enter into a time of enjoying and we want to do it outdoors.

The great designers have already advanced us on the catwalk the trends that now, these months, we will see in the streets. For men there is a “Must have“. And it looks like it will triumph this 2017. It is about “convertible” shoes or “unheeled” shoes that are reported to have been well accepted by the female audience and now reach the male targets like these made by Gucci.


This is a risky trend that reminds us the old slippers. However, we have another version that is easier to carry: crushed espadrilles that all men have led once during summer days. This is the version of the designer Stella McCartney.


Moccasins are another essential models that fashion gurus have selected for this spring men’s fashion for 2017. Ideal to be carried with bermudas and shorts or long pants that leave ankle in the air.


In Andrés Sendra, we are pioneers in the creation of moccasins of quality. We bet on suede, in daring colours, but also in neutral tones to match any garment.


Perhaps because of the influence of the film ‘La la land’ that has created a whole school of style, the Oxford Combined in black and white are also fashionable shoes for this summer. Stylish, sophisticated… Ideals for giving a ‘dandy’ touch to any look.


A trend from the 50’s that we love and that you will also find with Andrés Sendra in these Boss Black & White.


You know the trends, it’s time to show off and enjoy the spring

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