Glasses: compliment your look from head to toe

For some time now, glasses have become the protagonist of any outfit to become an ideal complement. Their shapes and colours are able to transform an outfit and to become the focus -and never better said- for the rest of us. But, with what style do you identify yourself? And what the trends for this autumn are? Tell us what style of glasses is yours and we’ll tell you which shoes you wear.

Creative, bold, modern

No matter what is the trend of the moment because you always are looking to suit your style, your personality and your day by day. Although you have a predilection for medium and large glasses, colour or shape does not influence your decision. However, they have to combine perfectly with the rest of your look. So Derby like the 12957 Mike Olive are ideal to fit your style.







The sobriety of your appearance marks the predilection for very light metal glasses and even rimless frames. Vivid colours do not exist in your colour palette is based on white, black, metal and other neutral colours. Elegance and distinction like the Andrés Sendra’s collection Monk.



Classic Style

In the world of glasses, the classic style is one that is based on a simple design with neutral colours, lightweight frame and rectangular glasses and without stridency. They are very easy to combine and are perfect for young boys as for middle-aged men. They are models that never go out of fashion as oxford shoes, safe bet.





Fashion & cool boy

The secret of your success is based on the combination of stylish clothes with other informal you get that air of modern but nothing eccentric guy. The combined colours maxiglasses are your strength. A style ‘very you’ which highlights class and unique and exclusive elegance. The Andrés Sendra’s Jean Patina are made for you.






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