Grooms 2017: they wear suits and shoes like this

The place of celebration, the banquet, the music… but, what is about the groom? In this article we give you the key points to dress and wear shoes without renouncing your style.

Tailcoat, tuxedo or suit? Your style chooses.

It is true that this is one of the most important days in the live of any man, but this does not mean that he has to get dressed up. The slim fit styles, which slenderize the figure, are one of the top in this wedding season. However, the most classic styles and morning coats, or tuxedo for those who want to be dressed in an elegant way, are never outdated. As opposed to this, you can find renews and daring colours, as wine and blue tones; and materials. In addition, there are innovations in the suits and among them you can find a jacket-and-trouser suit with different types of blazer: a crossed one or with double set of buttons with great lapels. Moreover, the combination with different kinds of waistcoat is also possible. You can choose between a crossed waistcoat in blue, green or red tones or printed with Scottish checkered.

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(Picture: Linen and Silk)

If you are a confessed hipster, you can create your own look with the complements that are most suitable for you, for instance bow ties, braces or hats. With this complements, you will be a special and unique groom.

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Shoes: the perfect complement to your nuptial look.

For the groom, shoes complete perfectly his look. The Oxford model is the most formal. You can choose it without boreholes, for a classic look, and with patent leather material in order to give the look a merry touch, especially if the celebration is carried out at night.

Derby shoes, with perforations and higher ornamentation, have a more informal touch which is perfect for those suits that go further in daring.

Monks shoes or shoes with buckles are combined with a more youthful style. With the Collin Patina by Andrés Sendra you can create your own design.

You can achieve the perfect outfit for the ‘B’ day and pronounce the expected “I do”.

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