Handcrafted patinas by Andrés Sendra

Few people know that the patina is a kind of varnish that is created from moisture on certain surfaces and covers it. In the world of footwear, creating a patina means to apply a varnish or special dye directly on the skin of the shoe. It is an art. 

The result is simply fantastic. After this technique, the shoes are authentic pieces of art. Footwear, thanks to the patina, takes on a new personality and a mark of luxury and exclusivity. A patina – or artistic coloration of the footwear – which is entirely handmade. An 100 percent handcraft work resulting in exclusive designs.

In Andrés Sendra, we are specialists in the handcrafted patinas. We loved the idea of return to the origins, and we are in love with put shoes to that traditional, slow and careful process to obtain a spectacular footwear. It is why buy Sendra’s handcrafted patina shoes is a unique experience. Your shoes will be different from all others. And, moreover, you can choose between a multitude of shades.

Patina, furthermore, is also trend and it always has been. Legendary actors such as Fred Astaire and Clark Gable wore them and they brought into fashion this type of footwear.

Nowadays, many men bet for this kind of shoe giving them a distinction that does not give any other shoe. Andrés Sendra is a reference and features of a great variety. Choose the one you like and feel elegant, unique and very lucky to fit them.

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