How to care men’s shoes?

The elegance in menswear is knowing to dress and to choose the combinations and the right style for every occasion. But the elegance also involves care for shoes and other men’s accessories.

Sometimes we buy the latest trend models but do not know care for them. So let’s give some basic keys for the men’s shoes look perfect. Bear in mind that each type of footwear requires some care, but an advice that fits all alike is that when staining, you clean them as soon as possible so that the groove does not permeate into the shoe and it takes harder to put off.

In addition, each material affects the type of care and cleaning necessary:

Shoes suede or nubuck require specific spray for this material. You can use a repellent spray powder will apply with a natural bristle brush. Never use creams on them.


Leather is the main component of male shoes. It is necessary to remove dust with a clean, dry cloth cotton. To nourish the skin, you should apply cream, which can be colorless or skin shoes tone. In the case that you drop a stain, rub with a cloth dampened with neutral soap and water.





– The always elegant patent leather shoes that adorn any outfit, are cleaned with a damp cloth. To restore shine, wet a cloth yarn with water and vinegar (or water and milk) and rub in circles over the shoe.


– For the ever-recurring oiled boots, marking an urban or casual style, you have to brush the shoe and then grease it with wax or fat horse.



Tips for your shoes are always perfect and look like brand-new.


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