How to combine Oxford shoes

The shoes Oxford is one of these men fashion trends who have come to stay. They are original, bring personality and   denote good style who wear them, but are not always easy to combine.

Men’s shoe catalogs are with plenty of proposals ranging from classic to most classics with leather or to actual ideas in suede or various tones. Each is set to a different time and style and is something to keep in mind to combine Oxford shoes.


The most traditional are perfect for a formal look and give a touch of personality to menswear. If you want to get from the monotony of a classic suit with a two-tone leather Oxford call attention to give an original touch to your look recovering the vintage. Monochromatic as los 12148 Cooper Patent Black  o los 11811 Collin Antic Newtan  are the best to go with tight jeans.



The Oxford shoes tend to be seen as one of the most classic proposals in the men’s shoes with that permanent reminder to British man fashion, but there are also options for when you want a more casual style. Elaborate in suede like 11780 Allen Snuff  o los 11769 Boss Taupe Suede  are less rigid and better suited to sports looks.



It’s presented  in lighthearted colors, such as red 12139 Jean Victoria, combining textures and colors like 12562 Boss Country Sea  or  12562 Boss Black&White , with rubber soles and interchangeable cords, etc. All this makes them fun and valid for all ages.




We discussed in the post “How to care men’s shoes?”  that suede is a material that is not recommended for rainy days or for formal styles, so water can darken your skin and also does not protect the feet from the cold. Nevertheless, they are perfect for jeans, corduroys or Chinese.



They are especially flattering the Oxford shoes with skinny pants. And if you are looking for is not risk, run away from pants with prints, which are always more difficult to combine with Oxford shoes.


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