How to match  your Derby? Your perfect shoes for (almost) every dates

Coming from British Countryside, Derby shoes are considered the informal version of classic and elegant Oxford. Available for almost every moment take form in one of the most ordered collections by Andrés Sendra.


Combinar Derby

Derby shoes (as also known as ‘Blücher’) are shoes with laces which the ‘big ears’ are sewn from back outside or from the front of the shoe. Other of their characteristics are the different versions of its finish: flat as the 11762 benny country196, or with a roundel or on point and long wing as the model 11794 Evans Box Black. So what code follows one on the moment to decide for one model or the other?


11762 benny country196


11794 Evans Box Black


Being a convenient, versatile footwear and with (almost) endless possibilities regarding the finishes and colors, you can use them both to dress more formally (with some exceptions, such as costumes and ceremonies and events where label view ) and the day to go to work, go to ‘Tardeo’ or go to dinner. Day or night.

But you must take into account that when more smooth and less drilling, more formal and ceremonial. And the lighter colors, bold and varied, most recommended to combine with blazers, country or other attire own tissues less serious and formal looks.


Derby Medallón


Derby talón

The materials used can help you distinguish different outfits: Suede, Granada Leather, bovine leather or a combination of these. The palette ranges from black to olive green, through gray, navy, bourdeaux, camel, chocolate, coal.


Derb verde oliva

There are plenty of options, but style and elegance on the moment to wear your own look are the unique what bet for a Derby shoes.



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