How to tie your Oxford shoes


Today we are going to teach you how to lace up your Oxfords the proper way. Sounds simple, right? As basic as it sounds, it is really really important.

Most of us will buy a pair of Oxfords and will find them laced in  the so technically called the gentleman’s format. It looks great but it is not functional. When you pull on the strings it does not actually take on the shoe. So… Let’s unlace and start from the beginning, ok?

  • Take the two ends and start from the top. String the lace though the first two eyelets on the top
  • Put the two ends together and pull the string through
  • From there, we are going to start a back-and-forward motion, with the right end though the left eyelet and the other way around
  • Finish lacing to the end and pull the strings

You will now see what happens when you are done; it doesn’t look awful, does it? It looks even better than the gentleman laces. But most important: when you pull on both laces, it actually brings the shoe together.

You finally got a shoe that looks good and it is going to stay on your foot keeping it tied all day. Great job!

And now… Enjoy your weekend walk!


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