Key accessories for men’s suit jacket

Generally spring and summer are accompanied by special events such as weddings, communions, business dinners and any other kind of events. In many of these cases the dress code brand wear the typical suit jacket for men, a basic garment in men’s fashion, and can be monotone and unoriginal many times.

For this reason, it is really important that you choose the accessory that best suits your style. With them you will give a touch of personality that makes you different from the rest of the attendees. And what are the key accessories this season? Note down!

Key accessories

Tie or bow tie. The tie is the complement that will give you more personality. You must combine it with shirt and suit. A bow tie provides greater originality to your outfit if allowed by the dress code. In this article we give some keys to take the best decision between bow tie or tie.



Scarf. Whenever you select it correctly, it adds elegance to your suit. Its colour should match the chosen for the tie or bow tie.






Belt. The key to choose this important complement menswear is to match the shoes. If so, you must choose a thin belt and a delicate buckle and according to the suit.

In Andrés Sendra’s catalogue we have a line belts made entirely by hand in true French Boxcalf with satin nickel buckle combines perfectly with our shoes. You also have the option to customize your belt.


Andrés Sendra Evans Patina Rioja 


Andrés Sendra Evans Patina Army 

Shoes. They are the essential pieces in any suit. They will make the combination looks elegant. It’s really important to choose a model that will enhance your style and round off the accessories selection. Both Oxford and 12036 Collin Box Black are original and provide personality while Derby present a more informal point. Andrés Sendra ‘s models 11762 benny country196 or 12213 Collin Grey are a sample.

OXFORD -12036-Collin-Box-Black.jpg

Andrés Sendra Oxford 12036 Collin Box Black 


Andrés Sendra Derby 11762 Benny Country196 


12068 Jean Sorolla- custom-purple

Andrés Sendra 12068 Jean Sorolla Custom color purple


Andrés Sendra Derby 12213 Collin Grey

Basic guidelines

To complete your look, it will be sufficient with a few basic tips like that your shirt stands out your suit sleeves or always leave the last button jacket unbuttoned. It is also important that the cut sleeve ends in the shoulder, there are no tension lines in the suit and the pants stay low to the instep (slightly longer back).

Your attention to details will certainly make a difference.

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