Key men’s fashion for 2017

Each man concerned and interested in the world of fashion must know the essential keys to be a fashion victim and not fall behind this 2017. Dare! Because this is the most actual future of every fashion man.

 –DENIM. The jeans never gets old and if it’s slim fit and fisher cut, better. This 2017 up to suits are dressed with Denim. Ermenegildo Zegna ‘s collection gives witness to this.

(Ermenegildo Zegna)

–PATINAS. This is the name of custom shoes. We are specialist in Andrés Sendra. Choose the model, color and customise it just like you want. Your shoes will be unique.


— Always wear COLOURED SOCKS. Stripes, polka dots, printed. Everything goes. You will set trends with the sobriety of the most elegant suits, combining with outfits sport and betting on current street style.



–Back to BACKPACKS. As at school. Prada, Balenciaga, Gucci… All proposed the return of the backpack for men. Choose the one you like and load it all your essentials for work.


(Revista GQ)


–SHOULDER PADS. They are back forcefully. Balenciaga ‘s collection has already anticipated it for this 2017. The suit jacket reinvents itself and become armed men.

(Revista GQ)


–DOWN JACKETS. The coolest name for the always fearther jacket. It arrived a couple of years ago and at least this 2017 is going to stay between us. Great designers as Dior are betting on this trend.




—And above all, BE YOURSELF. There is nothing that fit better to any look, more to the last and never go out of fashion than authentic attitude, do you think?

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