Moccasins, the style that never goes out of fashion

Moccasins are one of the footwear models which never go out of fashion. They are suitable for any season of the year, and combined with the appropriate look, they can be the perfect complement you are looking for without renouncing comfort and style.

Moccasins, also known as Loafer, are perfect to be worn at any time of the day varying in materials (suede, leather, etc.) and colours (from the basic black to the daring red or blue). As a general rule, they are perfect to complement more casual looks with linen trousers and bermuda shorts. However, this type of “sport” footwear is increasingly combined with suits and shirts for special occasions.

Loafers in summer

Loafer can be the perfect touch to complete your outfit with a bermuda and a polo shirt, short sleeve shirt, or even with a blazer if you want a more formal style. At Andrés Sendra you can find the perfect model, such as 12363 Mack Sea Suede or 12363 Mack Red Dirt Suede, in english suede.

Loafers all year long, why not?

You can combine your loafers with jeans or Chinese trousers. If you are daring, you can wear them without socks along with a basic T-shirt. If you prefer a bolder model, you can choose a leather loafer as 12137 Mack Box Black or 12137 Mack Jamaica in chestnut. The model 11775 Mack Tassel Mokka with toe and tassels is another option to complete your outfits with the most original footwear.

If you think about comfort and style, choose one of our unique moccasins as you can see in Loafer collection by Andrés Sendra. And if you are looking for something unique, special and genuine try to create your own moccasin with our Patina service, quality handmade shoes that will last years and years.

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