Oxford shoes, a classic revamped

In the 21st century, one of the most popular models of men’s footwear was the Oxford, a model as sophisticated it is comfortable that dates back to 19th century England and was made ‘famous’ by the University of Oxford students who wore them, hence the name that still endures today despite the fact the model has changed since its early ankle-high versions with leather tangs.

Oxfords are a mainstay in the wardrobe of any gentleman interested in looking sharp all the time. Which is the reason there are different options of Oxford shoes:

  • Plain: these shoes lack any ornamentation or holes, with a single stitching across the toe. It can be found in many models of dress shoes, such as the 12216 Mike Box Black or patinas like the 12141 Collin Patina.

  • Semi-brogue: this kind of oxford shoes have a perforated seam along the edge of the toecap and broguing on its front part. This finish makes them perfect for more informal looks, such as the model Boss Jamaica White.

  • Full-brogue: as indicated by its name, this model has perforations, pinking and broguing patterns on the toecap and on the wingtips. These are the most versatile and most sought-after models, and are widely considered a true piece of craftsmanship. An example is the 11769 Collin Jamaica model by Andrés Sendra.

Elegant footwear that feels phenomenal in both classic and more casual styles, in a single shade or a combination of various colors and textures. You get the final word.

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