Personalised signature in your Andrés Sendra’s shoes

In Andrés Sendra we look for the perfection in each of our creations, in each of our handmade pair of shoes. And in search of that perfection we proceed to personalise each article. With options like Patina Concept you will choose the patina you like best and with the section Custom shoes we offer the possibility to choose not only the colour you like but also the type of sole, lining or laces, matching a unique shoes designed by yourself.

But now, from Andrés Sendra, we wanted to go a step further and offer the ‘personalised signature ‘ the ability to customize (also) the sole and insole of your shoes with the message you choose and with the font you specify between three different styles of calligraphy.



Remember that special occasion in which you chose Andrés Sendra’s shoes and leave a mark of it in your shoes: an anniversary, your wedding day, a special date for you or any message you want to remember forever. They can also be a perfect gift for someone else. Propose and we will help you to create your ideal shoe.

The procedure is really simple:

  • Choose a pair of shoes in any of our collections: Oxford, Derby, Boots, Loafer or Monks.
  • Within the product sheet select ‘Custom Engraving’ and writes the message you want to engrave. You can choose between 3 different styles of calligraphy.
  • Your message will be engraved in both the sole and the insole.


Time manufacturing models with personalised signature is 60 days for all models and imply an additional cost of only 50 euros.

Andrés Sendra’s shoes, with over a hundred years of history, evolve in performance without neglecting any of the secrets that have been handed down from generation to generation. To secrets like sewing technique, the clean and stylish designs, quality of fabrics or dyes used is now added the possibility of signing your own shoes.









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