Saddle shoes, dancing shoes and much more

The Lindy Hop is one of the most followed dances in recent times. In the article “The essential footwear for Lindy Hop, the dance of the moment“, we talk about the history of this dance, the phenomenon that has led to today and, of course, we analyse the most suitable shoes for dancing and non-stop dancing. A pair of shoes with history and its own name: the saddle shoes.


The saddle shoes born in 1906 from the hand of the American firm AG Spalding, although its period of greatest success was the early 50’s. Originally, it was designed as sports shoes for men, but soon became indispensable both he and she, for young and not so young, athletes or not: the saddle shoes became part of the history of men’s fashion.


The Fashionisto

Known as “zapato de silla de montar” in Spanish, named for the piece of skin or leather which overlies the instep and remind the shape of a horse saddle. This piece contrasts in color with the rest of the shoe, the toe and the hindquarter forming a readily identifiable combination.

This type of footwear is based on the classic, elegant and always current Oxford, but sometimes also presented with horma Derby. Comfortable and colourful, the most successful combinations throughout history have been black and white or brown and white. In a more updated version,Andrés Sendra went for navy and brown tones like the 11824 John Brown Suede and 11824 John Navy Suede models.

Although, as always, about tastes there is nothing written.





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