Spectators: gotta swing?


Choosing shoes is always thrilling.

When you finally know that your shoes are those, there’s no way back. Something grooves inside forming a close bond, right like in love.

But sometimes, shoes choose you and not the other way round, right like with Spectators. You might have not considered to acquire these unique masterpieces… but once they put their eyes on you, you just cannot help staring at them. Right like in love.

It has been more than 100 years since Spectators, always steady and smart, first dressed up jazz, swing and mafia.

Fred Astaire’s films turned them into the new male icon, and Lindy Hoppers brought them out the dancing floor towards the new female object of desire.

Originally brogue captoe oxfords or wingtips have been reintepreted all along history in their most common combination black&white or white-brown.

However, Spectators always make one shine bright. Right like when you are in love.
You may wear them occasionally, looking for some space of your own; you may meet others, coming and going… but you will always be back. Because, from the moment they give you that first glance, you know nothing is going to be the same. Not any more.

Because they make you… swing. They have that swing. Right like in love.



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