Suits: a wardrobe basic that you can’t do without

Though it might seem like a men’s suit is just for executives and a thing of the past for new generations, this couldn’t be further from the truth. At Andrés Sendra, we know that the suit is an indispensable wardrobe basic, just as the little black dress is for women. Something that has never has and never will go out of style.

Naturally though, you have to think about where the suit is headed. Now, in 2017, the suit has got with the new times and done away with old-fashioned stuffiness. For example, the more ‘casual’ suits are lighter, looser, with no need for tight, perfect fitting.

Nobody said suits have to be black or gray. Color is here to stay: blues, greens, yellows… anything goes. And there’s no reason to do away with elegance.

In 2017, textured suits are in. Ideal for fending off the cold temperatures, many suits that are setting out the ‘street style’ are corduroy or treated wool, which lend it some extra volume.

Prints are also a hit. Suits are getting revamped, now in houndstooth, checks, Prince of Wales patterns or pinstripe (a classic that’s back with a vengeance).

Suits, part of the male wardrobe now and forever, also make for an ideal match with any of our Andrés Sendra shoes. We just love the way a modern men’s suit looks with classic oxfords like our Collin Box Black. The result is simply perfect.

And remember … this garment is your wardrobe’s perfect ally, so long live suits!

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