How to care men’s shoes?

The elegance in menswear is knowing to dress and to choose the combinations and the right style for every occasion. But the elegance also involves care for shoes and other men’s accessories.

Sometimes we buy the latest trend models but do not know care for them. So let’s give some basic keys for the men’s shoes look perfect. Bear in mind that each type of footwear requires some care, but an advice that fits all alike is that when staining, you clean them as soon as possible so that the groove does not permeate into the shoe and it takes harder to put off.

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That was the best of 2015 by Andrés Sendra. Thanks to all of you!

It comes the time to make balance of every good thing that happened in 2015. Last days of the year are perfect to get the view back and start 2016 with good targets and wishes to get new motivation following renovated dreams. In Andrés Sendra we like to have a break and look how it has been the year that is almost over. It helps to us to know a little bit more about you and to improve our collections thank to your collaboration. Continue reading

Short history of (your) shoes


Today’s shoes are not a mere utensil; furthermore, they are a sign of style, fashion and differentiation, defying seasons, temperature, cultures or simple use. Why instead do we wear boots in summer or sandals with socks anytime?

But the truth is that there are evidences that the history of the shoe starts in 10,000 BC. Early times there! It was common, though, to walk barefoot and to carry the sandals using them just when necessary. Imagine that situation now? Unbelievable!

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What your shoes say about you

andres-sendra-oxford-semi-brogueDown on your feet, they might be the last thing to be seen. But your choice of footwear reveals more about you than your entire outfit. Hey fella, what do your shoes say about you?

There are so many reasons to buy a couple of nice shoes that they might be sending the wrong message. Cheap, comfortable, smart, fetish or they just remind you of your dad. Your shoes will always be speaking loud about your manners. Ready?

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