The summer of 2017 seen in your shoes

No matter whether you’re a gentleman, a hipster or a dandy, one thing is for sure: you wear shoes when you go out and in fact, you take this very seriously. It’s a foregone conclusion that we choose a pair of shoes based on how well they match our style and are comfortable to wear, so today we are going to talk about this summer’s most widely seen colors according to the type of shoe you wear. Continue reading

What your shoes say about you

andres-sendra-oxford-semi-brogueDown on your feet, they might be the last thing to be seen. But your choice of footwear reveals more about you than your entire outfit. Hey fella, what do your shoes say about you?

There are so many reasons to buy a couple of nice shoes that they might be sending the wrong message. Cheap, comfortable, smart, fetish or they just remind you of your dad. Your shoes will always be speaking loud about your manners. Ready?

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