Oxford shoes, a classic revamped

In the 21st century, one of the most popular models of men’s footwear was the Oxford, a model as sophisticated it is comfortable that dates back to 19th century England and was made ‘famous’ by the University of Oxford students who wore them, hence the name that still endures today despite the fact the model has changed since its early ankle-high versions with leather tangs. Continue reading

The summer of 2017 seen in your shoes

No matter whether you’re a gentleman, a hipster or a dandy, one thing is for sure: you wear shoes when you go out and in fact, you take this very seriously. It’s a foregone conclusion that we choose a pair of shoes based on how well they match our style and are comfortable to wear, so today we are going to talk about this summer’s most widely seen colors according to the type of shoe you wear. Continue reading

The essential footwear for Lindy Hop, the dance of the moment

At step rate of 8 times, Lindy Hop has become one of the most successful dance recent years. Its origin goes back to the ‘roaring 20s’, when a group of dancers from New York went around to the known ‘swing’ seeking new ways to move off , enjoy and filled with good energy. From that moment, the Lindy Hop consolidated as a reference dance and it has been the last years when it has become a trend: currently more than 50,000 ‘lindy hoppers’ are counted worldwide. Continue reading

How to combine Oxford shoes

The shoes Oxford is one of these men fashion trends who have come to stay. They are original, bring personality and   denote good style who wear them, but are not always easy to combine.

Men’s shoe catalogs are with plenty of proposals ranging from classic to most classics with leather or to actual ideas in suede or various tones. Each is set to a different time and style and is something to keep in mind to combine Oxford shoes. Continue reading

How to tie your Oxford shoes


Today we are going to teach you how to lace up your Oxfords the proper way. Sounds simple, right? As basic as it sounds, it is really really important.

Most of us will buy a pair of Oxfords and will find them laced in  the so technically called the gentleman’s format. It looks great but it is not functional. When you pull on the strings it does not actually take on the shoe. So… Let’s unlace and start from the beginning, ok?

  • Take the two ends and start from the top. String the lace though the first two eyelets on the top
  • Put the two ends together and pull the string through
  • From there, we are going to start a back-and-forward motion, with the right end though the left eyelet and the other way around
  • Finish lacing to the end and pull the strings

Continue reading

Spectators: gotta swing?


Choosing shoes is always thrilling.

When you finally know that your shoes are those, there’s no way back. Something grooves inside forming a close bond, right like in love.

But sometimes, shoes choose you and not the other way round, right like with Spectators. You might have not considered to acquire these unique masterpieces… but once they put their eyes on you, you just cannot help staring at them. Right like in love.

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