Glasses: compliment your look from head to toe

For some time now, glasses have become the protagonist of any outfit to become an ideal complement. Their shapes and colours are able to transform an outfit and to become the focus -and never better said- for the rest of us. But, with what style do you identify yourself? And what the trends for this autumn are? Tell us what style of glasses is yours and we’ll tell you which shoes you wear. Continue reading

Travel shoes: Free way to holidays!

Once we have made our mind up on a destination to enjoy some relaxing holidays we have been waiting during one year (or more!) It’s time to plan all we want to do, decide the places we will visit and make a list of all we will need. Clothing and appropriate footwear are essential when planning your suitcase, so this time we do a review of the shoes that cannot miss in your luggage depending on your destination. Because we do not carry the same shoes to go to the beach, a rural village or to visit a big city, notes the best footwear for your holidays. Continue reading

Dress shoes or sport shoes: that is the question

Are you one of those who believe that a man’s wardrobe is basic, simple and easy to combine? In fact, a gentleman who knows and wants to dress well has a universe of possibilities to choose different looks.

And although men’s fashion lacks instruction book, footwear plays a leading role in completing an outfit, to give it personality. Therefore, we are going to propose to you guidelines to wear dress shoes or casual shoes according to the occasion. Continue reading

Personalised signature in your Andrés Sendra’s shoes

In Andrés Sendra we look for the perfection in each of our creations, in each of our handmade pair of shoes. And in search of that perfection we proceed to personalise each article. With options like Patina Concept you will choose the patina you like best and with the section Custom shoes we offer the possibility to choose not only the colour you like but also the type of sole, lining or laces, matching a unique shoes designed by yourself. Continue reading