Follow these Instagram accounts to keep up on the latest

Everyone (or nearly everyone) has adapted our lives to the new parameters imposed on us by the digital world and social networks. And fashion has not lagged behind. On the contrary, it has managed to fit in perfectly and adapt to these new formats. It is not just top name firms that are taking the lead nowadays, but also well-known influences raised the bar on social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.
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Design your own shoes with Andrés Sendra

Exclusivity and a unique, authentic style is an absolute must in the world of fashion. That moment you find just the right thing to perfectly match whatever it is you’re looking for is magical. At Andrés Sendra, we want you to feel like each pair of shoes is unique, which is why we are offering you the option of designing your very own shoes with our Custom Shoes service. Continue reading

Oxford shoes, a classic revamped

In the 21st century, one of the most popular models of men’s footwear was the Oxford, a model as sophisticated it is comfortable that dates back to 19th century England and was made ‘famous’ by the University of Oxford students who wore them, hence the name that still endures today despite the fact the model has changed since its early ankle-high versions with leather tangs. Continue reading