That was the best of 2015 by Andrés Sendra. Thanks to all of you!

It comes the time to make balance of every good thing that happened in 2015. Last days of the year are perfect to get the view back and start 2016 with good targets and wishes to get new motivation following renovated dreams. In Andrés Sendra we like to have a break and look how it has been the year that is almost over. It helps to us to know a little bit more about you and to improve our collections thank to your collaboration. Continue reading

Being the best dressed wedding couple

The couple and their looks increasingly occupy space in bridal fashion blogs. That the bride is the star of the day was over. This time we talk about the different options in footwear for them on this special day where every detail is analyzed. Shoes complement the suit and your choice should take into account the comfort but, at the same level, the protagonist’s own style. Do not let the random choice. Continue reading

The best shoes for your summer vacations

We are in the meridian of the summer, August, one of the most wanted months of the year, which makes us hold so many desires and illusions as if it were a talisman.

We’d very much like all of you could enjoy such long-awaited vacation, in order to alleviate the hard wear of the year, where stress, the rush and the turmoil in which one can be immersed in their day to day, have certainly made a clear dent in us.

Rest, relaxation, fun and experiences which can become unforgettable, are some of the tracks that we expect to find in our idyllic holidays.

We’d love to share some of the destinations that will surely give you, as bargaining chips, many of these sensations, and others which only you can discover by visiting those unique places, hidden as treasures worldwide. Continue reading

How to tie your Oxford shoes


Today we are going to teach you how to lace up your Oxfords the proper way. Sounds simple, right? As basic as it sounds, it is really really important.

Most of us will buy a pair of Oxfords and will find them laced in  the so technically called the gentleman’s format. It looks great but it is not functional. When you pull on the strings it does not actually take on the shoe. So… Let’s unlace and start from the beginning, ok?

  • Take the two ends and start from the top. String the lace though the first two eyelets on the top
  • Put the two ends together and pull the string through
  • From there, we are going to start a back-and-forward motion, with the right end though the left eyelet and the other way around
  • Finish lacing to the end and pull the strings

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Short history of (your) shoes


Today’s shoes are not a mere utensil; furthermore, they are a sign of style, fashion and differentiation, defying seasons, temperature, cultures or simple use. Why instead do we wear boots in summer or sandals with socks anytime?

But the truth is that there are evidences that the history of the shoe starts in 10,000 BC. Early times there! It was common, though, to walk barefoot and to carry the sandals using them just when necessary. Imagine that situation now? Unbelievable!

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Spectators: gotta swing?


Choosing shoes is always thrilling.

When you finally know that your shoes are those, there’s no way back. Something grooves inside forming a close bond, right like in love.

But sometimes, shoes choose you and not the other way round, right like with Spectators. You might have not considered to acquire these unique masterpieces… but once they put their eyes on you, you just cannot help staring at them. Right like in love.

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What your shoes say about you

andres-sendra-oxford-semi-brogueDown on your feet, they might be the last thing to be seen. But your choice of footwear reveals more about you than your entire outfit. Hey fella, what do your shoes say about you?

There are so many reasons to buy a couple of nice shoes that they might be sending the wrong message. Cheap, comfortable, smart, fetish or they just remind you of your dad. Your shoes will always be speaking loud about your manners. Ready?

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