The best shoes for your summer vacations

We are in the meridian of the summer, August, one of the most wanted months of the year, which makes us hold so many desires and illusions as if it were a talisman.

We’d very much like all of you could enjoy such long-awaited vacation, in order to alleviate the hard wear of the year, where stress, the rush and the turmoil in which one can be immersed in their day to day, have certainly made a clear dent in us.

Rest, relaxation, fun and experiences which can become unforgettable, are some of the tracks that we expect to find in our idyllic holidays.

We’d love to share some of the destinations that will surely give you, as bargaining chips, many of these sensations, and others which only you can discover by visiting those unique places, hidden as treasures worldwide.


Clearly, in such special days, to be in a paradise beach, admiring spectacular sunsets, enjoying outdoor activities or tasting native delicacies, it is one of the favorite destinations for many.

It is the case of Bora Bora in French Polynesia, where you can dive underwater natural parks or surround turquoise lagoons by boat. Another option dream we cannot ignore would is Cape San Lucas (Low California), with a wide variety of beaches in the Pacific Ocean; in the Sea of Cortez, the waters are sheltered, and harmoniously calm, of a white and warm sand. Moreover, an extremely attractive destination is Phuket, one of the most booming enclaves of Thailand for its coast, which are divided into bays that form intimate beaches and where diving activity is a “must”, since, along with the hospitality of its people, they are part of the hallmark of the area.

Thinking of any holydays highly focused to relax, rest vacation, and enjoyment of small pleasures such large places can offer, very right choices for a nice dinner, walks capable of surprising you, to enable you to reach unimaginable places, we would recommend, as best options for your footwear, our MIKE shoes, both Mike Snuff (12957) and Mike Charcoal (12957). An alternative where elegance is not scolded with comfort.



How can one consider a cultural journey and not think of a visit to Bruges? Cluster artistic, architectural and historical wonders and named World Heritage by UNESCO, Bruges houses spectacular abbeys and fifteenth-century buildings, such as Hof Bladelin, preserved in perfect condition. Edinburgh is another landmark in Scotland for its rich history. History lovers will be able to delight with the famous Edinburgh Castle and the Cathedral of Saint Giles. Both, places where you could say the famous phrase “Knowledge does not take place”; yes, they are days where walking can cause us damage, so it is essential to take care of our feet and carefully choose our shoes: What better choice than comfortable Benny Country196 (11762)? They will help us to focus all our senses and thus admire such places entirely.






Who says a family vacation may not be the best option? Just do not forget that every day can be an adventure, so go prepared with proper clothing. For ‘Him’, our Evans Patina (11780), unique design and versatility all in one. And for “Her”, the best option is undoubtedly the Brenda Silk Niger (12253), pure elegance at the service of her feet.



Close your eyes for a moment and see you transported to cities like Copenhagen, magic and fantasy from the very start. Do not forget to take your children to see its well-known statue of the “Little Mermaid”, make your delights exploring Fairy Tales castles, and enjoy hilarious bike rides. Fort Lauderdale, on the other hand, is called the Venice of Florida. The family can choose the option to hike the Everglades, with marshes and savannas, while the younger will enjoy the majestic “Museum of Discovery and Science”.

What child would not enjoy going to Disneyland? It is, among many others, one of the numerous choices you will enjoy at Anaheim, like flying in biplanes and balloons. And also, visiting Nixon’s birthplace adds a plus to these family destinations. Finally, Salzburg, located in the Austrian Alps, offers visitors its imposing “Hohensalzburg” fortress; a stunning castle with cannons and dungeons. Follow the steps of “Von Trapps”, during a visit teeming with sounds of music, and do not forget to enter labyrinths of majestic gardens such as Mirabelle; just like the “Garden of Dwarfs”.

Multiple options where you can choose your most desired destination. What is certain is that they will all surprise you, and none of them will go unnoticed, keeping a sharp remembrance of multiple experiences. Which one would you stay with?



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