The essential footwear for Lindy Hop, the dance of the moment

At step rate of 8 times, Lindy Hop has become one of the most successful dance recent years. Its origin goes back to the ‘roaring 20s’, when a group of dancers from New York went around to the known ‘swing’ seeking new ways to move off , enjoy and filled with good energy. From that moment, the Lindy Hop consolidated as a reference dance and it has been the last years when it has become a trend: currently more than 50,000 ‘lindy hoppers’ are counted worldwide.


Lindy Hop

The rules? No rule! Or almost. Just follow the music, let in through your feet, make you move your legs and it goes straight to your heart. Because that is, to put all the feeling while you are dancing with your partner in a ‘makeshift’ choreography and having fun. When you have controlled technique, freedom of movement and interpretation is what makes your own style.

How should be the kind of shoes to dance Lindy Hop?

According to the Arizona Lindy Hop Society, this dance increases self-esteem, exercise power and decrease relationship difficulties and behavior. What else do you need to become ‘lindy hopper’? Exactly! A pair of shoes. But what kind of shoe is the most recommended?

  • Experts advise the use of flat-soled shoes and lightweight, loose-fitting.
  • shoes transpire.


  • That slide enough, so shoes with leather or suede soles are recommended. The Oxford Andrés Sendra models like 12562 Boss Black&White or 12148 Cooper Patent Black fit perfectly.
  • That perfectly in place the foot with straps, laces, rubber. Let’s taste dancer!


  • Do not use boot or booty because immobilizes the ankle and can cause discomfort.
  • Dare colorfully as did the first dancers of the discipline: blue, red, green … What about these Derby Andrés Sendra 11762 Sea Collin Suede?


Now move to the rhythm of Lindy Hop, one of the most personal and amusing dances of the moment.


(Photograph: Life)


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