The funniest socks for the most elegant men

“The alarm clock rings, I open my eyes and the first thing I see is my boring black suit jacket hanging on the rack. So no one can start the day with fun” These could be the words of any executive, banker or businessman until the trend came and gave color and fun.



(Imagen: Soxy)

And that’s because funny socks have entered strongly and it is best to have come to stay and join us, with humor, in the coldest days. The stylish footwear will never quarreled with geometric designs or impossible combinations of bright colors, to give an example.

Now anything goes in the socks. The important thing is to break with the sobriety of the most elegant and also boring at the same time. If one risked with ties, the new season invites us to risk with socks. On the web you can find many options, which will cause you cannot surf without any new pair.


You’ll find dozens of different designs in Happy Socks and in Urban Socks, two companies specialized in funny socks that have the best designs, original and funny – also unisex – to combine as you like. Soxy is also one of the reference signatures with TAFT: socks ‘unseen’ with personality.








Happy socks 1

(Imagen: Happy socks)


With Jimmy Lion sock acquires your own role in every outfit thanks to its daring designs that have fit perfectly with current street style: skulls, deer, flamingos, raindrops or theme as the Circus of Horrors among others.



(Imagen: Jimmy Lion)



(Imagen: Jimmy Lion)

Cotton, lycra, wool and even models in all sizes and with many prints and colors. Finally, fashion for man opens possibilities for risk and fun.



2 Comments The funniest socks for the most elegant men

  1. zorab

    The pairs of socks which you have given here are really very amazing to provide attractive look to men. In old days people almost wear light colored socks or white and black colored socks because they thought that socks are the invisible part of our dresses. but In recent days socks have become the major part of socks to get attractive look. most people like to wear dark colored socks matching with their clothes. I am also among those people. I am very glad to know through your post that you have amazing variety of socks to choose. I love the purple socks very much which you have given in first pick. I want to buy some pairs of these types of superb socks. can you provide with home delivery facility?

    1. Andres

      Hello Zorab,

      Thanks for the comment. We don’t sell those socks. You can find them in their respective websites 🙂

      Andrés Sendra


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