The summer of 2017 seen in your shoes

No matter whether you’re a gentleman, a hipster or a dandy, one thing is for sure: you wear shoes when you go out and in fact, you take this very seriously. It’s a foregone conclusion that we choose a pair of shoes based on how well they match our style and are comfortable to wear, so today we are going to talk about this summer’s most widely seen colors according to the type of shoe you wear.

Loafers: elegant and casual

These summer classics never go out of style. Worn without socks or with just liners, and in bold colors like chocolate, blue or redish,  these are everyone’s favorites for looking elegant and casual at the same time. Made in suede, leather, boxcalf or a combination of different materials, with tassels or a decorated tongue (Penny Loafers), they go well with jeans, a cotton t-shirt with a message, or Bermuda shorts with a stylish shirt. It all depends on the moment and what you’re up for.

Monk: no laces and a double monkstrap

Elegant and more formal than moccasins, Monks are characterized by their double strap and a lack of laces. You can usually find them in the most classic tones such as black or brown, though – since it’s summertime – how about going for beige, original patterns like this camouflage one or whichever you like out of all our Patinas?

Oxfords, the summer version of the “usual” shoes

For these warm months, choose Oxfords, which play around with contrasts in both the material and colors: the Mike Gold or Boss Country Sea models might just be the just the right look for a perfect outfit.


Shoes and colors for most in-men of ‘summer fashion’.



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