Tips for cleaning and caring for your suede shoes

It is undeniably true that taking care of how our shoes look is a crucial part of being a gentleman. Our focus in this article is on suede footwear, how to take care of it so as to always be sporting shoes that look brand new.

Suede, care and cleaning tricks

Suede is a more delicate kind of leather that requires special care to keep it in perfect shape and prevent wear. Due to its unique properties, a simple drop of water or scratch can make it look old and unkempt. To prevent this from happening, follow these cleaning and care tips:

1.Before wearing for the first time, we at Andrés Sendra recommend you spray your shoes with a waterproofing solution to act as protective measure against liquids that might stain your suede.

2.If they are already stained, we should use an eraser for suede to get rid of the dirt, and then a special brush for suede, such as the Polishing brush. Always be sure to brush with the grain of the fabric, as this will give it a brighter look and will not damage or wear out the stitching, while also providing this kind of leather its natural finish.

(Model 11776 Cooper Suede Milkshake Andrés Sendra)

3.If it is more than just a small spot, like large stains from the rain, or stepping in a puddle, the best solution is to wash both shoes with water and a mild soap, and then use the special brush for suede and let dry in a ventilated place out of direct sunlight. It is important to wash both shoes completely to avoid missing any areas, which would end up giving them different tones. This is very important.

4.It is not recommended to use any polish on suede as it would lose the soft look typical of this kind of leather.

5.Keep your shoes in a dark, well-ventilated and dry place; suede hates humidity that might cause mold to grow.

(Model 12147 John Sea Suede Andrés Sendra)

If you have any questions, follow the manufacturer’s instructions or contact us. We’d be delighted to help out!

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