Today on WANNA BE ON YOUR SHOES: Blake Scott (Fashion Blogger, LA)


AS: If you were a shoe, you would be…

BS: A blue brogue.  I consider my style classic like a brogue, yet with a modern touch, like a blue brogue.

AS: If your city was a shoe, it would be…

BS: If LA was a shoe is would most likely be a derby.  LA is a collective of city beach life, with a not too serious touch.

AS: Comfortable or stylish? Make you choice!

BS: Stylish!  People will hate me for this one, but if women can wear 4inch high heels for the look, we men can endure a little as well. Style has no boundaries!

AS: The model of shoes you would never ever wear is…

Not really a shoe, Gladiator Sandals.  A definite no!

AS: Which were your very first pair of (proper) shoes?

BS: Black Wingtip brogues.  They were all over GQ about 5 years ago and I just knew I had to have a pair.  I was young but I wanted to feel older, so I bought them!

AS: Where do you keep your shoes at home?

This is funny, I have a designated closet at home dedicated to ONLY shoes… lol. Please don’t judge me… lol

AS: The shoes you would like Andres Sendra to design are…

BS: A 1 buckle suede monk strap. Its been overlooked for so long because of the amazing double monk, but if done right, it can look superb!

AS: Your Andres Sendra faves

BS: Hands down my tan brogue boots!  I’ve yet to see another pair even close to the quality and style…

 AS: 3 models that should be a must in any wardrobe…

– Double Monk Strap (for style and elegance)

– Cap Toe (for sleekness and versatility)

– Brogue  ( Classic shoe, every man should own)

 AS: 3 upcoming fashion trends from your city…

-Suede monk straps

-Color blocking (especially with Grey)

– Unbalanced Ties (thin end longer than thick end)


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