Travel shoes: Free way to holidays!

Once we have made our mind up on a destination to enjoy some relaxing holidays we have been waiting during one year (or more!) It’s time to plan all we want to do, decide the places we will visit and make a list of all we will need. Clothing and appropriate footwear are essential when planning your suitcase, so this time we do a review of the shoes that cannot miss in your luggage depending on your destination. Because we do not carry the same shoes to go to the beach, a rural village or to visit a big city, notes the best footwear for your holidays.

Relax on the beach

For evening walks along the coast, from terrace to terrace or enjoying a beautiful sunset, do not be led only by the more conventional (and nothing stylish) sandals and put on a Loafer estivales and stylish to complete a sophisticated look without sacrificing comfort. The Mack Sea Suede in different bright colors are a perfect choice.

LOAFER 12363-mack-sea-suede

Rural destinations: charming villages

Walking through the small towns, excursions, visit monuments or typical street markets in the area at this time of year. With good shoes you will avoid annoying chafing and you will enjoy each step with your feet well protected.


If this is a destination with low temperatures, boots can be your best allies. The Frank Caoba for more urban destination, the Country Black for more countryside environments Allen B in different colors will suit your needs for sure.




But the most advisable – according to experts – is to change your shoes, do not forget to include in your suitcase sandals and running shoes. The feet have to hold our weight 24 hours a day, they are our support at all times. Take care of them with appropriate footwear and let them lead you to unique experiences without sacrificing comfort nor style.



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