AS: Quique Dacosta, one of the most known Chefs on the spanish culinary scene, of course, but also on Europe ( Best European restaurant 2013 for “Opinionated About Dining” List by Steven Plotnicki. What is what cooking has that it’s a passion more than a profession?

It’s passion behind  profession. I can’t dogmatize with my own experience, but I’m here for two reasons. First one because of necessity, or that was what I supposed, And the second one and most probably was the first one, I’m in cooking because It has chosen me.

I feel I’m a chef because the cooking wanted it in that way. I had very few options. When I looked up my head around it was late, I was absolutely abducted for it and now I don’t want to go out of this amazing universe of possibilities that Cooking provides me.

AS: Your career is clearly influenced by art,  What’s art for Quique  Dacosta?.

A cultural attraction, expressive, and also a refuge.

AS: What role does play Cooking in your life?

Inspirational role. It has been a place where finds inspiration, personal growth and expressive growth of my work.

AS: What has  in common our sector (Fashion) with yours is that both flow from inspiration. Which is your Inspiration source to elaborate your dishes?

Life, the life and how I canalize it It’s now without no doubt my Inspiration source. I work trying to show all the authenticity to my commensals. My truths are successes and failures that I want to share with them and they are the summary of my twenty-six years of professional career, Inspiration is on searching to find an idea it converts in detonating. From this point we build procedures in our Creativity Studio.

AS: At the kitchen, always one is researching, creating… Can you tell us what is the lastest “Creation” that has won you?

We are working in plenty lines we are gonna do, I hope 2016 is a year without precedent. The work about “ La interiorización de los animales marinos” is going to be placed in the menu in 2016 on an expressive way and decisively.

AS: How does something work to be deserved a place in your menu to your restaurants?

Something that to be created, cooked and eaten excites to me. Only in that way can excite to my commensals.

AS: Your cooking reflects your personality, also the way you wear?

I think so.

AS: Which is the wearing style Quique Dacosta feels more comfortable?

Diversity of styles holds to different places and contexts where I am. By the way, I think the meaning of this word is Elegancy. Or at least that was what I try to transmit.At the kitchen, on my life, on my acts, on my own and my person and professional reationships.

AS: Footwear is always important, while you are at the stoves. What kind of shoes you wear?

Important? No core. Think that we are in a profession that dedicates an average of 12 hours a day to be in the kitchen. If you aren’t fit you properly, all starts badly.

AS: I figure when we get out from the restaurant this changes. What kind of shoes you use usually?And in special situations?

My footwear at work and in my day to day there is no distinction. I look for comfortability, commodity, pulchritude and quality.

AS:  Which are the first shoes that you remember?

I don’t remember them but when I was child I dreamed to get like a booties as my father had, and I remember wear them on the quiet and they were still big for me. Now, always I have  a pair of them in my shoe closet and I confess they will be my next acquisition of Andrés Sendra.

AS: Numbers question… are you able to remind how many pair of shoes there are in your shoe closet?

Exactly not. But around twenty or thirty pairs of them.

AS: Talk to us about the most favourite.

There are some very specials. That they have a good combination  between comfortability and beauty. And also I have some that wait the good moment to be dressed, feeling them still more special. I know how to wait… Lol

AS: You travel too much, and your baggage would be part of your life. What kind of shoe you don’t miss in your baggage?

A dress shoe and running shoes.

AS: Three qualities that a shoe might work to be gotten home for Quique Dacosta

Comfortable, beautiful and noble materials.

AS:  You know our brand. What was the point you pay it attention?

I knew it by instagram. I fell in love on the design and I started to follow it. We have a homefriend in common who calls Jesus Terres, and he was the Cupid.

AS: What is your favorite Andrés Sendra model?

I have some that I like and want to buy. I have Jean 12139 Kendo with white sole is a delight, and I want the12137 Mack patina Army. I love the booty 12099 Jean Bordeaux and 11764 Jean B Box Black. Ultimately I think that will expand my shoe …

Quique Dacosta

AS: Finally, we like Lists, so we need you enumerate three ingredients that you got in love during your whole career, and three duds you couldn’t live with them.

Vegetables in all their states and forms.

Mushrooms and algae (are separate realms).

Jerez wines  and Champagne.

My chef jacket that has become white shirt (essential).

Clothing. Of all the designers and accessories (ties, cufflinks …)

And my shoes.


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