What is the dress code? Dress properly for every occasion

It just happened: you received an invitation to an event. You don’t know the details yet, and you are already thinking about what outfit to choose when you realize that the invitation says there is a dress code. This article helps you figure out what to wear.

Choose the right outfit for every occasion

  • Casual dress

Or ‘come as you are’. Well, not exactly, but almost. It is an informal but neat look: a pair of jeans, a shirt and a jacket, for example, and some boots like the Aston Navy Suede or Jean B Box Black by Andrés Sendra.

  • Formal dress

This is the time to wear a formal suit. Try out combinations, such as trousers and a jacket that don’t match 100%, and complement it with a pair of derbys , such as the Cooper Choc Bitter .

  • Athleisure

Khaki pants, blue jeans, a polo or casual shirt and some loafers. Let’s hear it for comfort!

  • Dress suit

The label demands your attention. Formal suit with all its accessories (tie, handkerchief in the pocket and a pair of cuff links wouldn’t be out of place). Wear some Oxford shoes and they will fall to your feet before you.

  • Dress up

This one should come with some specific indications: to wear white, black, in disguise, with tailcoat … The dress up is decided by the event organizer so everyone attending will come wearing a very specific outfit.

  • Cocktail attire

    Though there is no written rule, in these cases a dark suit is always a safe bet. Wear a pair of Evans Antic Black and success is yours.

Now you know what each dress code requires. All you need is to adapt it to your style and voilà!

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