What your shoes say about you

andres-sendra-oxford-semi-brogueDown on your feet, they might be the last thing to be seen. But your choice of footwear reveals more about you than your entire outfit. Hey fella, what do your shoes say about you?

There are so many reasons to buy a couple of nice shoes that they might be sending the wrong message. Cheap, comfortable, smart, fetish or they just remind you of your dad. Your shoes will always be speaking loud about your manners. Ready?


Well done, sir. We’re on the right track. A comfortable and classic choice for a modern man. A simple natural leather or suede loafer in a neutral colour will make it, but choose a vibrant colour to jazz it up. Avoid pointed toes, your shoes are not boats!

 Lace-ups (oxfords, derbies)

Not to miss in your wardrobe, oxfords are sleek, simple, smart. Although their simple proportions suggest they are a businesslike, they hide -or show- a subtle hint of style and elegance. The thing is clear here: invest in a good pair. A perpetual trend? Brogues.

 Desert boots

Practical, yet image-conscious. Sporty, yet urban and classic. Comfortable and trendy. Simple but styilish. While suede desert boots were formerly a winter stample, today’s trends place them comfortably in any outfit all along the year. Masculine and reliable, they always work.


Young and urban, take into account that, if you wear black boots, people will assume either that you ride a motorbike or that you are a rock star. And you might not. In any case, figure out your excuse -you may need it- or choose the winning-version in natural leather. Fantastic! Perfect with jeans, skinnies, safari outfits or casual look.

 Boat shoes

A fantastic summer model, can be taken seriously by yatching fanatics or ironically by hipsters. Whatever the reason, these are a good choice with shorts or chinos. No need to wear socks.

FINAL TIP: White is NOT a colour. Here we go.


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